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We’re Sunkiko: your new outsource solution provider for payroll, benefits administration, HR, integrated PEO/ASO, workers’ comp and more.

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Too many businesses fall prey to secondary functions and become so bogged down, it kills any creativity and growth that is vital to the business’s long term success. Sunkiko will watch out for you as you navigate the market wilderness and help you survive and succeed. Click on each of our services below to find out how we can help you.

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Payroll Administration


Our cutting edge, web-based payroll services make all aspects of payroll management a breeze.

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Benefits Administration


We help you create, manage & monitor competitive, cost-effective benefits packages.

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Tax Reporting


We streamline and manage your tax reporting while staying current on the latest regulations.

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Human Resource Management

Human Resource

We can expertly manage all of your HR needs or turn your current HR team into superheroes.

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Workers' Compensation


We ease your workers’ comp compliance burden while reducing your risk and costs.

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Other Services


Looking for something else? Sunkiko offers additional customized solutions for your business.

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