About Sunkiko

Payroll, Insurance, Benefit Administration, Human Resources and Workers' Compensation.

We are Sunkiko. We are a woman-run, solution provider that can help grow your business to new heights.

It’s our belief that a business owner’s job is to focus solely on growth, so our desire is to come alongside you and takeover payroll, benefits administration, HR, integrated PEO/ASO, workers’ comp and much more. Our mantra is: You focus on growth, we will cover the details.

Why Choose Us?

Our desire is to see you succeed. We listen, we partner and we customize each solution so it is as unique as your business is. Sunkiko’s true passion lies in the details. We make sure your business is well taken care of when it comes to payroll, benefits, HR, PEO/ASO and workers’ comp. We not only perform these tasks, but we excel at them. Our team of experts are highly trained and well versed in the constant changing regulations of the industry, so nothing takes us by surprise.

What's In The Name?

The elegant giraffe is known as a guardian in the wilderness. In many aspects, we see ourselves as the guardian of your business. Our knowledge of the HR needs in today’s world helps us navigate safely through the common pitfalls that surprise even the most perpared businesses.

Giraffes are always on the lookout for danger and only get about 30 minutes of sleep per day.

OK, so we sleep more than thirty minutes per day, but we’re ALWAYS proactively on the lookout for new rules, regulations and best practices that can impact your bottom line.

The spotted coat on giraffes might look similar to us, but no two coats are the same.

You’re not like any other company—you’re unique. “Customized solutions” might just be empty industry jargon to some outsource solutions providers, but at Sunkiko, those words have meaning.

Giraffes are the world's tallest mammals, using their height and keen eyesight to see faraway danger.

We know how to expertly navigate you through dangerous business terrain so you can stay focused on the things that will help you organization grow.

A giraffe eats as much as 77 pounds of food per day and can drink 12 gallons of water at once.

Think your problems are too big or too complex for us to swallow? Think again. Our client-partners come from all industries and sizes; some have over 1,000 employees and some only have a handful of employees.

A giraffe's heart is 2 feet long and weighs 25 pounds.

Do you love what you do? So do we. We're a passion-fueled organization that loves solving problems and helping our client-partners grow.

Giraffes are tough. They're one of the few animals born with horns. They're also born six feet tall and drop six feet to the earth at birth.

If you've made it here, it means you're pretty tough too [or maybe you just like giraffes as much as we do]. Either way, we're probably going to like each other.

How Can We Help...

Falling prey to these common business pitfalls?
Let us guide you through.


Are Taxes Taking Their Toll?

Our experts are well versed in all of the tricky tax regulations that can ensnare you from really running your business.


Government Regulations giving you heartburn?

Whether it's the Affordable Care Act or other legislation, we can help your company navigate the regulatory maze.


Payroll Keeping You Up at Night?

We will constantly be on top of payroll and other needs while you get the vital rest you need to take your business to the next level.


Too Many Hats on Your Rack?

Just because you're a business owner doesn't mean you have to take on every task of running your business, daily. We'll take on some of those hats so you can focus on being the boss.


Benefits have you Scratching your head?

We understand benefits and when we partner with you, we can set up and manage the benefit program that will your company perfectly.

You Focus on Growth, we will cover the details

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