Building a Diverse Workforce

Expand Your Thinking & Up Your Company’s Diversity

Being WBENC Certified, we definitely believe in the power of having a diverse workforce. Individuals who come from different backgrounds – demographic, socioeconomic, cultural, etc. – have a great deal to offer in terms of experience and differing points-of-view. So how does one go about increasing the diversity quotient in his or her business? Find a few…

Avoid These 3 Insurance Scams

Don't fall victim to these common scenarios.

Most small business owners know how important it is to have insurance. However, many who buy a general liability policy unknowingly enter into agreements where they don’t have sufficient coverage. Below are three common scenarios to learn from in order to avoid a lawsuit with a negative outcome. 1. “Claims Made” vs. “Occurrences Policy”   Sometimes…

Put Your Phone/Tablet/Computer Down!

Stop Compulsively Checking Email.

It’s amazing how many articles you can find out there if you do a search for “stop checking email.” Even more interesting, is that almost all of these articles revolve around how much happier, less stressed and more productive we would all be if we could do this one seemingly simple task. Of course, as…

Why Work with a Woman-Owned Business?

More Value Than You May Realize

You may have heard the term “WBE” from time to time in discussing different vendors for your business or your customers’ businesses. This term refers to a “Women Business Enterprise.” In a WBE a woman (or women) owns at least 51% of the business and the daily management and business operations are controlled by one or more of these owners….

Healthcare Law Deadline Extended

What does this mean for my business?

On Tuesday, July 2nd, the Obama administration announced a one-year delay for the healthcare mandate that requires companies with 50 or more employees to provide health insurance coverage to all full-time employees or pay penalties. The “pay or play mandate,” as it is commonly called, has been the center of much debate and confusion since…

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