Creating an Engaged Workforce

Simple Ways to Boost Employee Engagement

Well-known organizations like Google, Apple and Southwest Airlines are doing a phenomenal job creating team members who are also brand champions. At Sunkiko, we believe employee engagement is one of the most important internal factors when it comes to long term business success. Engaged employees boost internal culture, have higher levels of productivity and are committed to providing exceptional service. They see themselves as an integral part of the organization – driving them to promote and market your organization to friends, family members and other centers of influence in their social circles outside of the office.

Unfortunately, not every company can provide free snacks and sleeping pods like Google. So what can your organization do to help foster high levels of employee engagement?

Know & Share the Vision
The vision of an organization isn’t a short-term thing. It is the underlying story and “rallying cry” that each member of your organization should know, live and be moving towards. Reinforce and reiterate your vision often. Get employees excited about what drives the organization and what you can all achieve together.

Set Goals 
Individual employee goal-setting is often overlooked at smaller organizations (and surprisingly, even in larger ones). No matter the size of your company, you are doing a disservice to your team members and your organization if you aren’t helping employees understand and measure their value within the current organization and into the future.

Encourage New Ideas & Ask for Feedback 
It’s common for management to tout an “open door” policy, but all to often this isn’t the reality. If you really want input and feedback from your team, create an easy way for them to share in a safe environment. Don’t just say you’re open to new ideas – provide real, intentional opportunities for your team members to open up with you and as a team.

Empower and Give Ownership  
Provide employees with the power to make decisions for the benefit of the organization and for clients. Empowering employees and giving autonomy will help to build trust and create enthusiasm.

Celebrate Success!
This may sound simple, but it is often overlooked by managers. Don’t wait until a mid-year or year-end review to recognize your employees for doing exceptional work. Make it a point to celebrate employee victories on an ongoing – or even weekly – basis. And, you don’t have to go it alone. Encourage peer-to-peer recognition during weekly staff meetings or via “employee of the month” team nominations.

Although the above ideas may be “simple”, it does not mean they are easy. You don’t have to implement everything at once, but take strides to incorporate these tactics over the next 3-6 months and watch the spirit of your employees evolve into something even stronger – an engaged team.

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