Why Work with a Woman-Owned Business?

More Value Than You May Realize

You may have heard the term “WBE” from time to time in discussing different vendors for your business or your customers’ businesses. This term refers to a “Women Business Enterprise.” In a WBE a woman (or women) owns at least 51% of the business and the daily management and business operations are controlled by one or more of these owners.

Beyond having a diverse vendor pool, there are many good reasons to work with WBEs. “There are state standards, federal goals, and many private corporate programs that set advise projects and funds specially for the use of WBEs.” says Anne Saile, founder and president of Saile Group LLC, a full service WBE-certified management company in Albany that focuses on the industrial and commercial construction markets.”

Government organizations, companies utilizing federal funding and those that work with with these businesses are looking for qualified WBEs to meet set percentage sourcing goals for either WBEs or MBEs (Minority Business Enterprises). Still, it’s important that WBEs provide a great business service first and foremost as the benefit they offer will quickly be overshadowed if they cannot perform the needed services to meet expectations.

An added benefit? It could make you more attractive to YOUR customers who need a certain amount of work sourced from WBEs.

Are you women-owned? Read more on WBE certification and benefits here: http://blog.timesunion.com/womenatwork/can-wbe-certification-help-your-business/3148/

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