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Support Throughout the Journey

The best guides surround themselves with skilled and experienced partners.

At Sunkiko, our business partners make up a network that you can count on when needed throughout your business journey.

You focus on growth, we’ll cover the details.

Carolina Care Plan

Contact Information:

Customer Service Number: (800) 232-2821

Medco Health

Contact Information:

Customer Service Number: (866) 397-5564

Nationwide Insurance

Nationwide: Limited Medical Benefit Program:

An affordable health plan that provides benefits for everyday health care expenses (doctor’s expenses, hospitalization and prescription drug benefits.) As of June 1, 2011 this will be a post-tax plan.

Contact Information:

Customer Service Number: (800) 517-4791

Guardian Dental/Vision

Guardian: Dental Insurance

A dental plan with 100 % preventative coverage (cleaning-x-rays etc.). Minor, major, and restorative benefits include little or no co-pays.

Guardian: Vision Insurance

A vision plan that includes an annual eye exam and coverage for glasses for glasses frames and contacts. Low co-pay for materials.

Contact Information:

Customer Service Number: (888) 600-1600

Colonial Life

The following Colonial Life voluntary plans will be offered during your enrollment period:

Accident Insurance

Helps offset the unexpected medical expenses, such as emergency room fees, deductibles and co-payments that can result from a covered accident.

Cancer Insurance

Helps offset the out-of-pocket medical and indirect non-medical expenses related to cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Disability Insurance

Helps offset financial losses that result when employees are unable to work. This product is offered with guaranteed issue amounts for active employees and credit for time insured under your previous plan.

Term Life Insurance

Offers a predictable way to provide peace of mind for you and your family. It can help you supplement your existing life coverage to protect your loved ones during high-need years.

Universal Life Insurance

Provides death benefit coverage that you can increase or decrease as your needs change. The policy builds cash value on a tax-deferred basis at current interest rates and premium payments are flexible.

You will have the ability to take most benefits with you if you change jobs or retire. You can enjoy the convenience of paying your premiums through payroll deduction. Coverage is also available for you and your family, with most products.

Note: Once enrollment is complete you will have thirty days to make selection changes in any pre-tax product.

Contact Information:

Customer Service Number: (800) 325-4368

Slavic 401K

Contact Information:

Customer Service Number: (800) 356-3009