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Sunkiko has a team of highly-trained HR staff members to assist you with your varied HR need. We equip you with what you need – from Employee Forms, Federal or State requirements, Employee Handbook templates, and beyond. Find out if you’re ready for an HR audit with Sunkiko’s HR compliance test. Above are just a few examples of how we can help you navigate the rocky terrain that is Human Resources. No matter the complexity, we can show you the way.

Payroll Administration Services

  • Compensation – How to pay employees, salaried vs. hourly, overtime pay, holding paychecks, reducing pay, appropriate pay deductions, how to pay miscellaneous positions.
  • FMLA – Questions on eligibility for leave, duration of leave, eligibility to return from leave, how to terminate employees on leave.
  • Discipline – How to give warnings, written warnings, how to document misconduct.
  • Terminations – How to legally terminate an employee, what documents to use, how to conduct a termination, what is considered a good reason for a termination.
  • Benefits – Questions on Cobra administration and the ARRA act, how to effectively administer cobra through the ARRA, health care reform act notices of changes.
  • Leaves of Absence – How to manage leaves of absence such as sick time, FMLA, workers’ compensation, how to manage the time and the administration of health benefits during leave.
  • Discrimation – How to consistently manage employees who have disabilities or who are pregnant.
  • Admininstration – How to handle employee records, state forms, federal forms.
  • Policies – How to implement an employee handbook, drug free workplace, sexual harassment policy.
  • Fraud – How to respond to employees that have the wrong SSN, what hotlines to call and report, questions on e-verify.

Unemployment Management Services

  • Claims Processing and Reviews
  • Hearings Representation
  • Quarterly and Annual Reports
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