Payroll Administration

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Why Choose Us?

Sunkiko can take charge of your payroll needs from direct deposit to tax reporting. By removing the burden of payroll administration, we allow you to focus on what you do best: managing the core functions of your business. Your entire team will have access to necessary and appropriate payroll information 24/7 via our web-portal: print-out reports, view past check stubs, re-print W-2’s and more.

At present, Sunkiko processes payroll in 48 states. Even better, we are continually looking for ways to bring you new services that add value to both you and your employees.

Payroll Administration Services

  • Process employee payroll checks
  • Prepare client management reports
  • Maintain deduction records
  • Compute tax liabilities and remit deposits
  • Audit unemployment claims
  • Collect and remit Garnishments
  • Report employee data, sick days and vacation days
  • Make Labor Board appearances
  • Handle payroll inquiries


PTO (Vacation or Sick Time):

We can easily set up simple or complex tables to accrue and manage your PTO info.



All types of wage garnishment(s) are calculated based on Federal/State requirements then remitted electronically.


Employee Deductions:

If at any time, or for any reason your employees deductions are not able to be withheld, our system automatically creates arrears records. This arrears record will allow accurate record keeping so as soon as the employee returns to work, back withholdings amounts are deducted.


Cost Allocation:

Need to allocate costs, distribute labor between locations, departments, or divisions? We are able to give you your true labor costs (e.g. - employee pay, employer taxes, benefits, insurance, retirement, etc). In 2010 we were honored to pass our first SAS70 audit, to ensure that you and your employee’s information is being handled with the utmost care. Our systems are housed off-site, in a data warehouse and backed up in two separate locations.

We Know the Way.

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Payroll Administration


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